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Johnnie Mikel - I Hope It Hurts


Released September 2022

As the first collaboration between Johnnie and the legendary James Michael,

"I Hope It Hurts" packs an emotional punch.

A song about internalizing and projecting pain after heartbreak, the track would go on to be released as an official single leading up to Johnnie's debut album.

From the haunting piano intro to the explosive chorus, "I Hope It Hurts" found new territory for Johnnie both vocally and lyrically.


Released August 2020

Between art and activism, the enigma known as "Revolution" resides.

While Johnnie wrote this song in the summer of 2018, he decided to release

the track in the final stretch of the 2020 general election season.

The song, along with its music video, call youth to action to make positive change.


Featuring footage from diverse artists and activists, the video highlights

issues such as women's rights, gun violence prevention, climate justice, and racial equity.

Johnnie Mikel - Revolution
Johnnie Mikel - Nothing To Lose


Released June 2020

After nearly two years away from releasing music, Johnnie splashed back on the scene with "Nothing to Lose" in June 2020.

Inspired by young love and the concept of having nothing to lose when you're young and haven't been hurt, Johnnie penned this song and released it as the lead single to his debut album.


Released July 2018

Fake ID


Hard to Hold

War Paint ft. Charles BLK


After coming off a highly successful debut EP, Johnnie decided to treat his fans to some extra songs to celebrate the summer. Kicking off with "Fake ID" to celebrate authenticity and ending with the anthemic "War Paint" featuring Charles BLK, Johnnie's summer of singles garnered close to a million streams and had a captive audience eagerly awaiting his next release.

Johnnie Mikel - Fake ID
Johnnie Mikel - Easy
Johnnie Mikel - Hard To Hold
Johnnie Mikel - War Paint (feat. Charles BLK)
Johnnie Mikel - Friday Night


Released March 2018

"When writing Friday Night, I wanted to do a huge pop track with a subtle 90’s R&B feel. I really look up to artists like Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars, so I wanted to bring my artistry into that style for the song. Lyrically, it’s about having the best night ever with people you love. It’s the perfect party track!"

Johnnie made a music video for this single as well.

Popdust writes, "From pulling up in a fire red sports car to Mikel's leopard-print button-up, Mikel has only one mission: to funk up the joint."

The video was filmed in a skating rink with Johnnie's friends.


Released February 2018

Come with Me




Live While You Can

"With Night of Your Life, Mikel crafts new music based on the icons he grew up exposed to, and he sets his sights on their thrones. The EP’s electronic/pop production wonderfully captures the message of living life to the fullest and enjoying every minute of it through music." - POParazzi

Johnnie Mikel - Night Of Your Life EP
Johnnie Mikel - Come With Me


Released October 2017


According to POParazzi, "The song is a perfect dancefloor track, full of energy and life."


"Come With Me" is Johnnie's big debut single.

This song put Johnnie on the map and became a Top 40 hit.

EQ Music "took a liking to Johnnie because the music is pure him, his vision."


This single was accompanied by Johnnie's first music video, as well.

“It’s such a sacred and vital part of an artist’s career,” he said in regards to the importance of an artist’s first music video. “It’s your first chance to introduce yourself and show people who you are through performance, fashion, and portrayal of the music.”