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Johnnie Mikel - One Word Foundation
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The passion project of Johnnie Mikel.

Inspired by the reality that one word, choice, chance, or thing can change the course of someone's life, Johnnie wrote his song "One" in 2016.

Soon after, the One Word Foundation was born.

Initially used as a platform for Johnnie to perform and teach kids about kindness and the power of music at Boys & Girls Club locations and children's choirs, it grew into something much bigger.

By teaming up with various charities to benefit causes close to Johnnie’s heart, the One Word Foundation has been a channel to tackle homelessness, hunger, education, assisting disadvantaged communities, and animal rights.

To date, the One Word Foundation has helped raise tens of thousands of dollars, all going to these causes and more.

“I’ve been given a gift,” Johnnie says, “And I need to use it to give back.”

"All that matters is One."

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